Ivan Pokhitonov

Born: 1850, Matryonovka (Kherson Province)
Died: 1923, Brussels

Painter. Born in the family of an artillery officer called Pavel Pokhitonov and his Serbian wife Varvara Belich at the estate of Matryonovka in Kherson Province (1850). Studied painting in Paris, where he was advised by Nikolai Dmitriyev-Orenburgsky and Alexei Bogolyubov and worked in Eugène Carriére’s studio (from 1877). Academician of painting (1904), full member of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1904). Member of the Association des Peintres Russes de Paris or Society of Mutual Relief for Russian Artists in Paris, Fellowship of South Russian Artists (from 1891), Society of Travelling Art Exhibitions (from 1905) and the Arkhip Kuinji Society (from 1914). Lived in Belgium (1919–23). Died in Brussels (1923). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1871). Contributed to the exhibitions of the Salon de la Nationale in Paris (1876–1900s), Moscow Society of Lovers of the Arts (1887) , Society of Travelling Art Exhibitions (1890, 1905, 1915–17), Fellowship of South Russian Artists (1894, 1914–17), Mignon (1903, 1904), Fellowship of Artists (1909), Exhibition of Russian Art in London (1910) and the International Exhibition in Paris (1882).

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