Computer Repairs in Florence

One day, when living in the centre of Florence, my computer started experiencing problems with its internet card – it just did not want to link up to the Wifi connection, which I needed for work. On 29 February 2012, I submitted my laptop for repairs to a company called Abaco, which is located at Borgo degli Albizi 56. Although I was not given a receipt for my computer, I was promised that the work would only take “two to three days.”

After over a week had passed, I called in at Abaco on 7 March. The reason was not only that the promised time had elapsed, but I actually needed my laptop to do work and all my files were on it with important information needed for everyday things. The person who had accepted the computer (Alessio) was not there, but I was told by his colleague that he would telephone me later that day. He never did.

The following day, I returned to the shop for an answer. I discovered that my computer was, bizarrely, just sitting in the shop and that no work had been done at all! I pleaded to be allowed to have my laptop back for at least a couple of hours, to download files and do some important work. After all, as I explained, it was just sitting in their shop doing nothing! When I returned it later in the day, it was accepted by a third member of staff.

Let me add at this point that one of the problems with Abaco is that, every time you visit the shop, you have to deal with a different person, who knows nothing about your specific problem. For a company that operates at such a sloth-like pace and never seems to have much custom, they seem to have a surprisingly large number of staff...

Finally, after over another week had passed, Abaco seemed to get its act together and did the repair work – although they only informed me in the most roundabout fashion. On 16 March, despite having my details, they informed a neighbour orally that they had repaired my computer.

I was out of town and only received this message the following day, which was a Saturday. I went straight round to the shop, but the only employee there – a fourth man! – said that he knew nothing about it and I would have to return on Monday. When I did, I learnt that the total cost of the work was 100 euros. I had been without my computer for twenty days.

I could not help wondering if Abaco were always so bad or was I just unlucky? A year later, I decided to do an experiment, in the course of which I discovered that this company was not only just as bad as I remembered, but even worse!

On 15 April 2013, I handed in a hard disk from an old laptop and asked if they would like to try and extract any files which might be found on it. They duly accepted the disk and, once again, did not give me any receipt. No time period was given.

I waited... And waited... And waited... A month passed and still I waited... Finally, after an incredible six weeks had passed, I went round to the shop to enquire in person.

I went to the shop on the morning of 27 May, which was FORTY-TWO DAYS after I had submitted my disk – surely enough time to at least have looked at it? The day was a Monday, but I was told by the fellow who was on duty at the time that I should call back at the end of the week for a reply – or, better, next Monday!

After leaving the shop, despite getting a more or less concrete answer, I decided that it is wrong to give any custom to such a shoddy company as Abaco. I decided to return for my hard disk and give the work to another firm. Incredibly, when I returned some fifteen minutes later, a completely different person was now in charge of the proceedings! He said that I could only get my disk back when the person I had spoken to returned at 3 pm.

When I insisted that my property be returned there and then, pretending that I was leaving town and had a train to catch, this person called the other employee up on his mobile phone to ask where my disk was located. It turns out that they wanted to keep me waiting until the afternoon just because one lazy swine did not want to call another lazy swine to find out on which shelf my disk was sitting in their shop!

To cut a long story short, I took my hard disk that very same day to Computer Assist at Via Giardino della Bizzarria 29 in the district of Novoli. To my astonishment, they gave me a printed receipt and told me to call back the following day, by which time they promised to do the work.

Computer Assist fulfilled their promise and I urge anyway who values their time, money and sanity to avoid Abaco like the plague if they ever have any computer or internet problems in Florence. Hop on the #22 bus outside Santa Maria Maggiore and go straight to Computer Assist, where you will receive a direct, courteous and, most importantly of all, prompt service!

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