Nicola Michetti

Born: 1675, Venice
Died: 1758, Rome

Despite his rivalry with Johann Friedrich Braunstein, Nicola (Niccolò) Michetti still managed to do a great deal during his five years in Russia. He was born in Rome circa 1675 and studied under the famous Italian master Carlo Fontan?, becoming one of the top Roman architects. Employed by Peter the Great in 1718, he brought to Russia the learning and skills of the Roman school of architecture, based on an excellent knowledge of antiquity (he was also a talented painter and draughtsman).

Michetti worked mostly at Strelna, where he began to build the Grand Palace and lay out the park. The cooling of Peter towards Strelna and the halting of work there were probably the reasons behind Michetti’s decision to return to Italy in 1723, although he still dreamt of completing this grandiose project.

Peterhof was also indebted to the Roman architect, who worked on the Grand Palace, Grand Cascade and Monplaisir. From 1720, he designed and built other fountains and cascades. Created from wood and faced with lead, they were later reconstructed in marble. But one monument to Michetti will always remain – the Adam Fountain.

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