Biographies Russian Aristocrats Count Ivan Ivanovich Tolstoy

Count Ivan Ivanovich Tolstoy

Born: 1858
Died: 1916, Gaspra (Tauride Province)

Statesman, collector of coins, archaeologist. Great-grandson of Fieldmarshal Mikhail Kutuzov. Born in the family of Count Ivan Matveyevich Tolstoy and Elizaveta Tulinova (1858). Honorary member of the Imperial Academy of Sciences, conference secretary (from 1889) and vice-president (1893–1905) of the Imperial Academy of Arts. Minister of education (1905–06). Died at Countess Panina's estate in the Crimean spa town of Gaspra and buried at the St Alexander Nevsky Monastery in Petrograd (1916).

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