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Nikita Chelnakov (Chelnokov)

Born: 1734, Moscow
Died: 1790, St Petersburg

Engraver, draughtsman. Born in Moscow in the family of a soldier in the Butyrki Infantry Regiment called Fyodor Chelnakov (1734). Educated at the St Petersburg Garrison School (1740s). Transferred to the Imperial Academy of Sciences (1748), where he studied at the palace of drawing (1749–53) and the palace of engraving under Ivan Sokolov (1753–57) and Georg Friedrich Schmidt (from 1757). Engraved views of imperial suburban residences after drawings by Mikhail Makhayev (1755–60). Worked under the supervision of Alexei Grekov (1762). Awarded the rank of apprentice (1767). Contributed illustrations to Andrei Bogdanov’s Historical, Geographical and Topographical Description of St Petersburg from its Establishment in 1703 to 1751 published by Vasily Rubanov in St Petersburg (1779). Died in St Petersburg (1790).

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