Biographies Russian Artists 18th Century Academic Pyotr Ivanovich Sokolov I

Pyotr Ivanovich Sokolov I

Born: 1753, St Petersburg
Died: 1791, St Petersburg

Painter, teacher. Born a serf of Princess Golitsyna, who gave him his freedom at the age of ten (1763). Studied under Anton Losenko and Gavriil Kozlov at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1763–72). Awarded a minor gold medal (1770) and a gold medal and first-class certificate (1772). Fellow of the Imperial Academy of Arts in Italy (1773–78), where he worked under Pompeo Girolamo Batoni and Charles-Joseph Natoire. Taught history painting at the Imperial Academy of Arts (from 1779). Academician (1782), adjutant professor (1785).

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