Ivan Yegorov

Ivan Yegorov (c. 1710–after 1760), Russian Baroque jeweller, silversmith. Son of silversmith Yegor Petrov. Lived and worked in Moscow.
Born: early 18th century, Moscow
Died: after 1760, Moscow (?)

Jeweller, silversmith. Born in Moscow in the family of silversmith Yegor Petrov, who rented a house from merchant Vasily Matveyev Kunkin in the parish of the Church of St Nicholas of Derbent in the New Streltsy Sloboda (1753). Worked in the Baroque style in Moscow (1731–60). Made a silver dish with a composition depicting Diana and Actaeon (1740s) based on a similar work by Jakob II Plank in Augsburg (1650). Died in an unknown location (after 1760).

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