Maxim Zolotaryov

Maxim Zolotaryov (1722–1803), Russian jeweller, silversmith. Hallmark: МК З in a heart-shaped shield. Lived and worked in Kaluga, where he made silverware in the Rococo style.
Born: 1722, Kaluga
Died: 1803, Kaluga

Jeweller, silversmith. Hallmark: ?? ? in a heart. Born in Kaluga in the family of hereditary silversmith Kuzma Zolotaryov (1722). Made silverware in the Rococo style in Kaluga (1761–91), which he sold at his shop on Silver Row and all national fairs. Merchant of the second guild. Died in Kaluga and possibly buried at the Monastery of St Lawrence of Kaluga (1803).

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