Biographies Russian Artists 18th Century Jeweller Yakov Maslenikov (Maslennikov)

Yakov Maslenikov (Maslennikov)

Yakov Maslenikov or Maslennikov (c. 1720–after 1792), Russian jeweller, silversmith. Hallmarks: ЯСМ in a hexagon or ЯМ or Я•М in a heart or rectangle. Employed at Vasily Kunkin’s workshop in Moscow and opened his own workshop and an outlet on Silver Row. Merchant of the first guild, master of the guild of silversmiths. Worked in the Baroque, Rococo and Neoclassical styles.
Born: between 1718 and 1721
Died: after 1792

Jeweller, silversmith. Hallmarks: ??? in a hexagon (1748–53) and ?? or ?•? in a heart or rectangle (1754–92). Born in the family of a merchant called Semyon Maslenikov (Maslennikov) from the town of Yuriev-Polsky in Vladimir Province (between 1718 and 1721). Employed at Vasily Matveyev Kunkin’s workshop in Moscow (1748–58), where he made a silver candlestick for the Monastery of the Miracle in the Kremlin (1751–53). Owned a house in the Kobylskaya (Mares) Sloboda outside the Pokrov (Intercession) Gates (1753). Opened his own workshop (1758) and an outlet on Silver Row (late 1750s). Made silver kovshs presented by Empress Elizabeth Petrovna to Leonty Lukianov (1758), Nikifor Gulin (1761) and Ivan Pozdeyev (1761). Elected a merchant of the first guild (1760) and master of the guild of silversmiths (1762). Worked in the styles of West European Baroque (1740s), Rococo (1750s–70s) and Neoclassicism (1780s–early 1790s). Died in an unknown location (after 1792). Contributed to exhibitions, including Treasures of the Czars in the Moscow Kremlin Museums at Oca in the Parque do Ibirapuera in Sâo Paolo (2005).

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