Vasily Istomin

Vasily Istomin (late 18th century–after 1801): Russian painter, draughtsman. Probably studied under Martin Ferdinand Quadal (late 1790s). Painted portraits at the court of Tsar Paul I.
Born: late 18th century
Died: after 1801

Painter, draughtsman. Born in an unknown location (late 18th century). Probably studied under Martin Ferdinand Quadal (1736–1811), an Austrian-Moravian painter who was invited to St Petersburg by Tsar Paul I (1797). Painted portraits of unknown sitters (1798–99) and members of the imperial family in Transferring the Icon of Our Lady of Tikhvin from the Church of the Nativity of the Virgin to the Dormition Cathedral in Tikhvin on 9 June 1798 (1801). Died in an unknown location (after 1801). Contributed to exhibitions, including Russian Monasteries: Art and Traditions at the Russian Museum in St Petersburg (1997).

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