Hermann Gottlieb Unger

Hermann Gottlieb Unger (1759–1807), German jeweller, silversmith. Son of Simon Gottlieb Unger. Worked on imperial commissions in St Petersburg.
Born: 1759, Danzig (Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth)
Died: 1807, St Petersburg

German jeweller, silversmith. Born in Danzig in the family of German silversmith Simon Gottlieb Unger (1759). Master of the guild of foreign silversmiths in St Petersburg (1785) and alderman (1799). Worked on imperial commissions, including a Gospels cover endowed by Catherine the Great to the St Alexander Nevsky Monastery (1794) and a gilded silver candlestick and spherical dish presented to the parents of the future Grand Duchess Elena Pavlovna (c. 1800). Died in St Petersburg (1807), where his work was continued by his widow (early 19th century).

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