Vasily Shebuyev

Born: 1777, Kronstadt
Died: 1855, St Petersburg

Painter, teacher. Studied under Ivan Akimov and Grigory Ugryumov at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1782–97). Awarded a minor gold medal and position of assistant teacher of the life class (1797). Fellow of the Imperial Academy of Arts in Italy (1803–07). Academician (1807), professor (1812), rector of history painting (1831), court painter (1832), vice president (1845–46). Director of the Imperial Tapestry Factory in St Petersburg (1831–39). Painted icons and religious pictures for the Kazan Cathedral (1811), St Catherine’s Chapel at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1836), Trinity Cathedral (1837) and St Isaac’s Cathedral (1844–48). Died in St Petersburg and buried at the Smolensk Cemetery (1855).

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