Auguste-Joseph Desarnod

Born: 1788, France
Died: 1840, St Petersburg

French painter, engraver. Studied under Antoine-Jean Gros in Paris. Joined the French army, but was injured and captured by Russian forces during the Patriotic War (1812). Decided to remain in Russia, where he returned to painting (1812). Published an album of etchings entitled A Description of the Party Held for the Relatives and Friends of Vsyevolod Vsevolozhsky in Ryabovo on 25 October 1822 (1822). Academician (1827). Drew ancient monuments in Thrace during the Russo-Turkish War (1828–29). Published an album of lithographs entitled Album d’un voyage en Turquie fait par ordre de sa Majesté L’Empereur Nicolas 1er en 1829 et 1830. Awarded the Order of St Vladimir (1830).

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