Matthias Gabriel Lory

Born: 1784, Berne
Died: 1846, Berne
Swiss Rossica

Swiss engraver, painter. Son of Gabriel I Ludwig Lory. Worked with his father for thirteen years in an identical manner, making the works of both artists indiscernible, as they signed them with the same surname. Visited Paris (1808), Milan (1809), Rome and Naples (1811) and Guernsey (1815). Collaborated with his father on Voyage pittoresque de Genève à Milan par le Simplon published by Pierre Didot l’aîné in Paris (1811). Married Louise de Meuron (1812), who subsequently took care of the production and colouring of his prints, while he went abroad in search of commissions. Engraved fifteen views of St Petersburg and sixteen views of Moscow. Many of his works were destroyed in the Fire of Moscow (1812).

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