Jan Ciaglińskj

Born: 1858, Warsaw
Died: 1912, St Petersburg

Polish painter, teacher. Studied under Wojciech Gerson at the Warsaw Drawing Class (1877–78), under Pavel Chistyakov at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1879–85) and at Jean Joseph Benjamin Constant’s studio in Paris (1894). Member of the World of Art (1899) and the Union of Russian Artists (1903). Academician (1906), full member of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1911). Taught at his own studio on Liteiny Prospekt in St Petersburg (from 1885), School of Drawing of the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (1888–1912) and the Imperial Academy of Arts (1902–12). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1885). Contributed to the exhibitions of the Fellowship of Encouragement of the Fine Arts in Warsaw (1885–1903), Imperial Academy of Arts (1886–93), Society of Artists of History Painting (1896, 1898), Exhibition of Russian and Finnish Artists (1898), St Petersburg Society of Artists (1899), spring exhibitions of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1899–1903), World of Art (1899–1903, 1911–13), Union of Russian Artists (1903–10), Sergei Makovsky Salon (1909), World Fairs in Chicago (1893, silver medal) and Paris (1900) and the international exhibitions in Munich (1890, 1895, 1897, 1898), Berlin (1891) and Rome (1911). Posthumous one-man show in St Petersburg (1914).

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