Lev Dmitriyev-Kavkazsky

Born: 1849, Prochnookopskaya (Krasnodar Region)
Died: 1916, Petrograd

Engraver, draughtsman, illustrator, teacher. Added the epithet “Kavkazsky” (“of the Caucasus”) to his surname to distinguish himself from other artists called Dmitriyev. Studied engraving under Fyodor Jordan at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1869–76). Academician of engraving (1882). Travelled widely across the Caucasus and Central Asia, making ethnographic sketches which he published as original engravings (1880s). Edited the Swallow illustrated magazine (1883–84). Founding member of the Fellowship of Russian Illustrators (1887). Launched his own drawing classes for prospective students of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1895).

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