Carl Wenig

Born: 1830, Reval (now Tallinn)
Died: 1908, St Petersburg

Painter, teacher. Cousin of Peter Carl Fabergé. Born in Reval in Estonia (1830) in the family of Gottlieb Friedrich Wenig (music teacher, organist and violinist at St Nicholas’s Church in Reval) and Agathe Emilie Fabergé (sister of Gustav Fabergé). Studied history painting under Fidelio Bruni at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1844–53). Won a gold medal (1853) and a foreign fellowship to Italy (1853–62). Professor of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1862–94). Painted frescoes for the Church of Christ the Saviour in Moscow (1870s). Died and buried in St Petersburg (1908). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1852).

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