Nikolai Maikov

Born: 1794, Moscow
Died: 1873, St Petersburg

Painter, draughtsman. Father of Apollon, Valerian and Leonid Maikov. Born in the family of Apollon Maikov in Moscow (1794). Educated at the Second Military Academy, graduated as an army field officer (1812). Fought and injured at the Battle of Borodino (1812). Returned to the colours and fought in the European campaigns (1813–14). Drew studies, battle scenes and portraits of his fellow officers in Poland, Germany and France. Returned to Moscow, where he continued to draw and paint. Commissioned by Tsar Nicholas I to paint icons for the Church of the Holy Trinity of the Izmailovsky Life Guards Regiment. Elected to the Imperial Academy of Arts by personal order of Tsar Nicholas I (1835). Painted icons for the lesser iconostases of St Isaac’s Cathedral in St Petersburg and other iconostases in Moscow and St Petersburg. Died in St Petersburg (1873).

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