Emanuel Stöckler

Born: 1819, Nikolsburg (Austria)
Died: 1893, Zwölfmalgreien (Austria)

Austrian painter. Born in the town of Nikolsburg (now Mikulov in the Czech Republic) in the Austrian Empire (1819). Studied under Joseph Anton Mesmer and Thomas Ender at the Vienna Academy of Arts. Visited Switzerland, Italy and Constantinople (from 1839). Lived in Rome and Paris. Worked exclusively in watercolours (after 1857). Settled in Venice, where he met Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna. Worked in St Petersburg (1875–80). Honorary fellow of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1869). Died in the small town of Zwölfmalgreien (now part of Bolzano/Bozen in northern Italy) in Austria-Hungary (1893).

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