Carl Piratsky

Born: 1813 (1815?), Danzig
Died: 1871, St Petersburg

Prussian painter, graphic artist, illustrator. Born in the family of Carl Piratsky in the Free City of Danzig (c. 1813). Awarded a grant by Tsar Nicholas I and studied under Alexander Gottlob Sauerweid at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1828–36). Won two minor silver medals (1832, 1834), a major silver medal (1834), minor gold medal (1835) and a first-class certificate (1836). Appointed court painter to Tsar Nicholas I (1836), who commissioned a series of watercolours depicting scenes from military life. Illustrated Alexander Viskovatov’s Historical Description of the Attire and Arms of the Russian Forces (from 1838). Academician (1855), professor (1869). Headed the department of drawing of the Russian Military Chronicles at the Ministry of War (1855–69). Died in St Petersburg (1871).

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