Yegor Kovrigin

Born: 1819, Korbulaki (Saratov Province)
Died: 1853, Rome

Draughtsman, lithographer, illustrator, painter. Born in the village of Korbulaki in Saratov Province (1819). Moved with his family to St Petersburg (1822). Studied under Alexei Yegorov (1830s) and under Alexander Warnek and Alexei Yegorov at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1838–45). Awarded a minor silver medal (1840), major silver medal (1841) and the title of fourteenth-class artist (1845). Contributed lithographs to The Physiology of St Petersburg (1841), Ladies’ Album (1844), Ours, Copied From Life by Russians (1844–45) and Petersburg Collection (1846) and illustrated the Russian translation of Paul Féval’s Les Mystères de Londres (1845). Lived and worked in Rome (1845–51, 1852–53). Nominated to the Imperial Academy of Arts (1852). Died in Rome and buried at the Cimitero degli Inglesi (1853).

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