Alexei Remizov

Born: 1877, Moscow
Died: 1957, Paris

Writer, amateur draughtsman, illustrator. Born in the family of a merchant called Mikhail Remizov in Moscow (1877). Did not receive a formal art education owing to his poor eyesight. Studied physics and mathematics at Moscow University (from 1895). Expelled from university for taking part in student demonstrations. Exiled for two years to Perm, where he met and collaborated with Vsyevolod Meyerhold. Published his first novel The Pond in Questions of Life (1905). Wrote more than thirty books of prose, tales, poems and prose in Russia. Emigrated to Berlin (1921) and settled in Paris (1923). Illustrated his own books, Alexander Blok’s poem The Twelve (1921) and The Legend of Tristan and Isolde (1951). Produced the graphic albums Last Path from Russia (1921), Rusalia (1938) and Dreams and Incidents on the Eve of the War, Honeymoon of the War (1939), The Ivory Claw (1947), abstract collages and drawings on themes from Russian folklore. Created four hundred graphic albums. Died in Paris and buried at the Russian cemetery in Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois (1957). Contributed to the exhibitions of Triangle/Wreath/Stephanos in St Petersburg (1910), Galerie der Sturm in Berlin (1927), Autographs of Russian and French Writers in Paris (1932), Writers’ Drawings in Prague (1933), Dreams in Art and Literature in Paris (1939) and one-man shows in Prague (1933–34) and Moravská T?ebová (1934).

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