Baroness Hélène d’Oettingen

Born: 1887, Venice
Died: 1950, Paris

Painter, writer, literary activist. Cousin of Serge Férat. Born in Venice (1887). Studied at the Académie Rodolphe Julian in Paris (early 1900s). Maintained a literary-artistic salon for representatives of the French and Russian avant-garde (1910s). Organised the journal Les Soirées de Paris with Guillaume Apollinaire and Serge Férat. Wrote a series of novels under the pseudonyms of “Léonard Pieu” and “Roch Grey” and a monograph on Henri Rousseau (1921). Died in Paris (1950). Contributed to exhibitions under the pseudonym of “François d’Angiboult” (from 1912). Contributed to the Salon des Indépendants (1912, 1914, 1926, 1929), Super-Independents (1934, 1938) and the exhibition of Russian art in Prague (1935).

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