Savely Sorine

Born: 1878, Polotsk (Vitebsk Province)
Died: 1953, New York

Painter, graphic artist. Born in Polotsk in Vitebsk Province in the family of Abram Sorin (1878). Studied under Kiriak Kostandi at the Odessa School of Art (1896–99) and under Vasily Savinsky and Ilya Repin at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1899–1907). Lived in Yalta during the revolution (1917), moved to Tiflis (1919). Sailed to Marseilles (1920) and settled in Paris. Painted portraits of cultural figures and leading members of the theatrical and artistic circles of Europe and America. Married Anna Stepanovna Sorina. Died in New York (1953). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1911). Contributed to the exhibitions of the World of Art (1913, 1915, 1917), New Society of Artists (1917). Small Circle with Sergei Sudeikin, Lado Gudiashvili and others (1919 in Tiflis??) and a one-man show in Moscow and Leningrad (1974).

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