Lasar Segall

Born: 1891, Vilna (Lithuania)
Died: 1957, Sâo Paulo (Brazil)
Émigré Art

Lithuanian painter, graphic artist, sculptor. Born in Vilna (1891). Studied at the Königliche Akademie der Künste in Berlin (from 1907) and Dresden (1909–10). Awarded the title of master and an Academy studio. Visited Brazil (1912–13). Emigrated to Brazil (1923). Founding member of the Sociedade Paulista de Arte Moderna in Sâo Paulo, initiated the foundation of the Museum of Modern Art (1932–35). Died in Sâo Paulo in Brazil (1957). Contributed to the Berlin Sezession (1909), exhibitions of Russian artists in Hanover (1921) and Düsseldorf (1922), I and II Biennale in Sâo Paulo (1951, 1955), numerous group exhibitions in Brazil and one-man shows in Sâo Paulo (1912–13), Folkwang Museum in Essen (1920), Galerie Schames in Frankfurt-on-Main (1921), Cabinet of Engravings, Leipzig Museum (1923), Sâo Paulo (1924, 1927), Berlin, Dresden, Stuttgart (1926), Rio de Janeiro (1928, 1933, 1942), Paris (1931, 1938), Rome (1933), Milan (1934), New York (1940, 1948) and Washington (1948).

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