Valery Yurlov

Born: 1932, Almaty or Moscow

Painter, graphic artist, sculptor, collage artist, object artist. Born in the family of Ivan Yurlov in Almaty or Moscow (1932). Studied painting under Professor Cherkassky at the Almaty School of Art and graduated from the Moscow Institute of Polygraphy (1955). Developed his own alphabet of geometric forms (triangle, circle, drop) and analysed the structure of the “sign” picture (1956). Took up geometric abstraction (1956), painted early abstract pictures in a Suprematist manner influenced by his teachers Vladimir Favorsky and Pyotr Miturich. Developed the “para-forms” method (1960), which permitted him to depict a pure form in space, in the context of different materials, textures and surfaces. Worked in painting, graphic art, collage, sculpture, constructions and objects (from 1966). Studied the philosophy of Nicholas of Cusa and Russian theology (early 1980s). Lives and works in New York and Moscow. Contributed to exhibitions in Russia (from 1981) and abroad (from 1990).

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