Vyacheslav Koleichuk

Born: 1941, Stepanischevo (Moscow Region)

Artist. Born in the family of Foma Koleichuk in the village of Stepantsevo in Moscow Region (1941). Studied at the faculty of urban construction of Moscow Institute of Architecture (1960–66). Member of Dvizhenie (1966–67). Representative of Kinetic Art – the Russian version of Op Art. Inspired by the ideas of the Dvizhenie group, designed light-kinetic and sound installations and theatricalised environments. In collaboration with other members of Mir, created many kinetic projects, including the Atom composition on Kurchatov Square in Moscow (1967). Founder and leader of Mir (1967–72). Intellectual games and interactivity play an important part in the artist’s oeuvre. Many “self-erecting” or “instantly rigid” constructions work on the principle of pressing and pushing or the use of “stereography” – drawing on metal creating an illusory relief effect (late 1960s–early 1970s). Joined the Union of Architects (1979) and the International Federation of Artists (1993). Lives and works in Moscow as the professor of the department of landscape design at the Moscow Institute of Architecture. Contributed to exhibitions in Russia (from 1966) and abroad (from 1967).

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