Dmitry Plavinsky

Born: 1937, Moscow
Died: 2012, Moscow

Installation artist. Born in the family of Pyotr Plavinsky in Moscow (1937). His mother was arrested and exiled to Kolyma (1937). Evacuated to Omsk during the Second World War (1941–44). Returned to Moscow (1945). Studied theatrical design under Victor Shestakov (principal designer of the Vsyevolod Meyerhold Theatre) at the 1905 School of Art in Moscow (1951–56). International art studio at the Sixth World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow (1957). Influenced by the works of Jean Dubuffet (1958). Other influences were his wide travels, study of ethnography and interest in ancient civilisations and Old Russian culture. Employed “archaeological” subjects and discoveries in his work. Travelled across Central Asia (1958) and northern Russia (1959), studying Islamic art and Slavonic palaeography. Began work on an extensive “organic” series of images of fish, butterflies and organic imprints (1960s). Moved to the countryside and spent fifteen years working on a series of engravings of peasant life (1969). Started work on his “musical” series (1988). Moved to New York (1991). Died in Moscow (2012). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1957), including the World Festival of Youth and Students in Moscow (1957) and a one-man show in London (1964).

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