Vadim Voinov

Born: 1940, Leningrad

Artist, assemblage artist, object artist, art historian. Born in the family of Serafim Voinov in Leningrad (1940). Studied the history of St Petersburg architecture at the Faculty of History of Leningrad University (1968–76). Worked at the Museum of the History of Leningrad. Analysis of houses undergoing major rehauls defined the artist’s interest in old things, regarded as denotates of historical life. Became a professional artist (1979). One of the first in Leningrad to create objets trouvés, which he called “functiocollages.” Founded the Bridge across the Styx Gallery (1994), which later merged with the Museum of Nonconformist Art (1998). Lives and works in St Petersburg. Contributed to exhibitions in Russia (from 1983) and abroad (from 1990). Contributed to the exhibitions of the Fellowship of Experimental Fine Art (from 1983) and one-man shows at the Galerie Nathan Fedorowskij in Berlin (1990), Bel’Arte Gallery in Helsinki (1990), Russian Museum in St Petersburg (1998) and Anna Akhmatova Museum in St Petersburg (2000).

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