George Pusenkoff

Born: 1953, Krasnopolye (Belarus)

Painter, graphic artist. Born in the family of Nikolai Puzenkov in the town of Krasnopolye in Belarus (1953). Moved with his family to Moscow (1968). Graduated from the Moscow Institute of Technical Electronics and Computer Science (1976) and the Faculty of Graphic Art of Moscow Institute of Polygraphy (1983). Contributed to exhibitions in Russia and abroad (from 1984). Worked for various publishing houses in Moscow. Member of Hermitage (1987) and Group 88 (1988). Continuing to quote classical artefacts – “now-existing and once-existing specimens of art” – the artist switched from purely textual practice to works in which quotations from semantic signs cross over into sensual-tangible reality, followed by a period of geometric works in which large masses of colour helped to activate spatial recollection. Painted digital images (from mid-1990s). Holds regular one-man shows in the West (since 1989). Lives and works in Moscow and Cologne (since 1990).

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