Olga Florenskaya

Born: 1960, Leningrad

Graphic artist, collage artist, designer of objects, installations and cartoons, poetess. Wife of Alexander Florensky. Born in Leningrad (1960). Studied at the Vera Mukhina School of Art and Industry in Leningrad (1977–82). Member of the Mitki group (1985) and the Union of Artists (1987). Contributed to seminars and exhibitions of the Laboratory organised by the Institut les Arts Plastiques at the Russian Museum (1990). Helped to found the Mitki Gazette and Mitkilibris Publishing House (1992) and the Mitki-VKhUTEMAS Gallery (1996). Contributed to the Mitkimeyer cartoon (1992). Projects include Russian Design at the Borei Gallery (1994), Movement in the Direction of IYE at the Borei Gallery (1995), Russian Patent at the Borei Gallery (1996) and Mobile Bestiary at the Summer Garden in St Petersburg/Institute of Modern Art in Moscow (1998). Lives and works in St Petersburg.

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