Andrei Khlobystin

Born: 1961, Leningrad

Artist. Born in Leningrad (1961). Graduated from the department of the history of art of Leningrad University (1983). Worked at the Manège Central Exhibition Hall, Peterhof Museum Complex and the Hermitage Museum. Taught the history of art at the Alexander Herzen Pedagogical Institute in Leningrad. Read lectures on modern art in galleries, curated exhibitions of modern art. Contributed to exhibitions of unofficial art (from 1987). Member of the New Artists group, Club of Friends of Vladimir Mayakovsky and the New Academy of Fine Arts. Starred in various films directed by artists. Won the Pollock-Krasner Prize (1980). Published the Artistic Will newspaper (from 1993). Contributed to the Cabinet magazine exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam (1997) and numerous other international exhibitions (late 1990s). Director of the St Petersburg Archives and Library of Contemporary Art, Free Culture Foundation.

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