Bella Matveyeva

Born: 1961, Chelyabinsk

Designer. Born in Chelyabinsk (1961). Graduated from the department of tempera and oil painting restoration of the Vladimir Serov School of Art in Leningrad. Helped to direct and design the sets for Valentin Zakharov’s films Resurrection (1990) and A Description of Mr V. K.’s Journeys across Savasta (1991–93). Designed the costumes for the ballet Leda and the Swan at the Hermitage Theatre (1995). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1989), including Neo-Academist exhibitions and such one-woman shows as Distinction at the Museum of the Ethnography of the Peoples of Russia (1992), Leda and the Swan at the New Academy of Fine Arts (1995), Hellada–Greece at the Vladimir Mayakovsky Library in St Petersburg (1996) and at the Art Kiosk Gallery in Brussels (2000).

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