Konstantin Goncharov

Born: 1969, Leningrad
Died: 1998, St Petersburg

Designer. Born in Leningrad (1969). Studied art at the Leningrad Technical College of Light Industry (1984–88) and graduated from the department of design of the Free University (1988). Founded the Strogii Yunosha designer label (1988–89). Stylist for the rock group Kino (1989–90). Contributed to such major artistic projects as Academism and Neo-Academism at the Lenin Museum in Leningrad (1991), Resistance and Renaissance at the Russian Museum (1994), Passiones Luci (an interpretation of Apuleius’s The Metamorphosis or The Golden Ass) at the George Soros Centre of Contemporary Art/Russian Museum (1994–95) and Self-Identification: Tendencies of Art in St Petersburg in Kiel/Berlin/Oslo/Sopot (1994). Designed the costumes for the ballet Leda and the Swan at the Hermitage Theatre (1995). Created the Swan Lake exhibition project in memory of Peter Tchaikovsky. Contributed to many avant-garde fashion shows, including Fashion Assembly in Tbilisi (1995). Voted best avant-garde artist at the Albo Moda first international festival of avant-garde collections in Moscow (1995) and won the Masterclass Prize (1997). Died at the age of twenty-nine in St Petersburg (1998).

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