Oleg Maslov

Born: 1965, Lgov Kievsky (Kursk Region)

Painter, graphic artist, photographer, video artist, performance artist. Born in Lgov Kievsky in Kursk Region (1965). Graduated from the Penza School of Art. Moved to Leningrad (1984). Met Timur Novikov and the New Artists. Founded the Wild Ones with Alexei Kozin and Oleg Zaika. Worked in a Neo-Expressionist style, Pop Art style and engaged in experiments with optical effects (from mid-1980s). Followed the Neo-Academist movement in painting, photography, video art and performances (from early 1990s). Contributed to major exhibitions of new Soviet art. Worked in collaboration with Victor Kuznetsov (from 1993). Collaborated on such exhibitions as Self-Identification (1994–95), Cabinet magazine exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam (1997), Et in Arcadia Ego: Oleg Maslov and Victor Kuznetsov at the Enfilade Gallery in Szczecin, Dynamic Pairs at the Manège in Moscow (2000) and the Russian Museum in St Petersburg (2001), Between Heaven and Earth at the Musée d’Art Moderne in Ostende (2001) and Beauty and Eroticism at the Groningen-Museum in Holland (2001–02).

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