Vadim Ovchinnikov

Born: 1951, Pavlodar (Kazakhstan)
Died: 1996, St Petersburg

Painter, graphic artist, collage artist, musician. Born in the family of Yevgeny Ovchinnikov in Pavlodar in Kazakhstan (1951). Moved to Leningrad (1973). Studied painting at various circles and studios in Leningrad. Member of the Fellowship of Experimental Fine Art (1982). Organiser and theorist of the New Artists (from 1983). Founded the Friendship Club with Vladislav Gutsevich and Marina Volkova (1985). Engaged in painting, collages, objects, cartoon and mail art (second half of 1980s). Experimented with diverse musical instruments, recorded musical radiocollages. Wrote and published prose in various magazines. Died in St Petersburg (1996). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1982), including the first exhibitions of new Leningrad art in Poland, Sweden and Hungary (late 1980s) and one-man shows at the Marble Palace in St Petersburg (1993, 2002).

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