Pavel Kondratiev

Born: 1902, Saratov
Died: 1985, Leningrad
Analytical Art

Painter, graphic artist. Born in the family of Mikhail Kondratiev in Saratov (1902). Studied at the IZO Proletcult studio in Saratov and curated the Rybinsk Museum of History and Art (1920). Studied under Alexander Savinov, Alexei Karev, Mikhail Matiushin and Arkady Rylov at the Academy of Arts/VKhUTEIN in Petrograd (1921–25) and under Pavel Filonov (from 1925). Member of the Masters of Analytical Art (1925–29), helped to paint a panel for their exhibition at the House of Printing (1927). Studied under Kazimir Malevich (1932–35) and then studied Malevich’s system with the assistance of Lev Yudin, Konstantin Rozhdestvensky and Nikolai Suetin (from 1935). Illustrated books and decorated streets (1930s). Served alongside Eduard Krimmer as head of the camouflage service at the eighth air base of the Baltic Fleet during the Second World War (1941–45). Worked in book graphic art (after 1945). Visited Chukotka (1953). Collaborated with Vladimir Sterligov and Tatyana Glebova (1960s). Died in Leningrad (1985). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1927), including a one-man show at the House of Writers in Leningrad (1981).

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