Konstantin Lebedev

Born: 1900, Klimovo (Ryazan Province)
Died: after 1954

Artist. Born in the family of a priest called Ivan Lebedev in the village of Klimovo in the Ranenburg district of Ryazan Province (1900). Served in the Red Army (1919–20). Graduated from an unknown college (date unknown). Lived in Moscow (before 1941). Fought in the Moskvoretsk Division during the Second World War. Taken prisoner (October 1941). Employed by the Germans as an artist at the Homel Museum. Joined the partisan movement. Sentenced by the Moscow District Military Tribunal to fifteen years imprisonment for Article 58-1 Point B (1946). Served his sentence in Isollag (1946–49) and Steplag (from March 1949). Worked in the prison art studio, designed the sets for amateur theatrical performances and helped to decorate the local club, Mine No. 44 and other municipal buildings. Released (1954). Lived in Karaganda following his release. Subsequent fate unknown.

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