Vladimir Dubosarsky

Born: 1964, Moscow

Painter, graphic artist, object artist, installation artist, poet. Born in the family of artist Yefim Dubosarsky in Moscow (1964). Studied at the 1905 School of Art in Moscow (1980–84) and the Vasily Surikov Institute of Art in Moscow (1988–91). Collaborated with Avdei Ter-Oganian and Valery Koshlyakov (early 1990s) and worked in their Tryokhprudny Gallery – a squat housing the studios of Ilya Kitup, Alexander Sigutin and Inna and Dmitry Topolsky and an exhibition hall (1991–93). Member of the Union of Artists (1994). Collaborated with Alexander Vinogradov in the New Russian Pop Art style (since 1994). Lives and works in Moscow.

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