Vladimir Boriskovich

Born: 1905, St Petersburg
Died: 1980, Leningrad

Theatrical designer, graphic artist, lithographer. Born in the family of Georgy Boriskovich in St Petersburg (1905). Studied at the Higher Art and Technical College (1921–23) and under Alexander Golovin and Alexander Savinov at the studios of the former Mariinsky Theatre (1921–24). Fought in the Second World War and drew sketches at the front line (1941–45), which he turned into the Roads of War series of drawings and lithographs (1944–48). Designed sets for the Leningrad Conservatoire Opera Studio, Leningrad Ballet School, Leningrad Television and theatres in Leningrad, Kiev, Odessa and Vologda. Worked in industrial graphic art (from 1950s). Died in Leningrad (1980). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1927).

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