Sergei Lobovikov

Born: 1870, Belaya (Vyatka Province)

Photographer. Born in the family of a rural dean called Alexander Lobovikov in the village of Belaya in Vyatka Province (1870). Studied at Glazov Religious Seminary. Worked as an apprentice in a photographic studio in Vyatka (1885), opened his own studio in Vyatka (1894). Photographed the peasant way of life. Member of the Russian Society of Photographers (1900), chairman of the Vyatka Society of Photographers and Art Circle (1908), corresponding member of the Dresden Society for the Development of Amateur Photography (1909), honorary member of the London Society of Fine Arts (1910). Worked at the Vyatka Museum of Art and History (1909–22). Member of the Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia (1926). Moved to Leningrad (1934). Died in an air-raid during the Siege of Leningrad (1941). Contributed to many national and international exhibitions, including the Exposition Universelle in Paris (1900, bronze medal).

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