Nadezhda Voitinskaya-Levidova

Born: 1886, St Petersburg
Died: 1965, Leningrad

Painter, graphic artist, art historian, curator, translator, writer, teacher. Born in St Petersburg (1886) in the family of state councillor Savely Voitinsky (1857–1918) and Wilhelmina Bermann (1859–1923). Took drawing lessons from Mikhail Bernstein and studied at the Baron Stieglitz Central School of Technical Drawing and the School of Drawing of the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (early 1900s). Studied painting and lithograhy in Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy (1905–08). Close to the World of Art (1908). Lithographed portraits of Russian artists and writers of the Silver Age for Apollo magazine (1909). Studied the theory and philosophy of art at the Bestuzhev Courses in St Petersburg/Petrograd (1911–16). Studied and worked at the Institute of the History of Arts (from 1920). Took up writing (1930). Arrested and imprisoned by the NKVD (1938–39). Survived the Siege of Leningrad (1941–45). Taught foreign languages in higher educational establishments (late 1940s). Died in Leningrad (1965). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1909). Contributed to the exhibitions of the Vladimir Izdebsky Salon in the former Odessa Society of Literature and Art at 2 Langeron Street in Odessa (1909–10), Play and Passion in Russian Fine Art at the Russian Museum in St Petersburg (1999) and St Petersburg: A Portrait of the City and its Citizens at the Russian Museum in St Petersburg (2003).

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