Vera Kholodnaya

Born: 1893, Poltava
Died: 1919, Odessa

Film actress. Born in the Ukrainian town of Poltava in the family of a grammar-school teacher called Vasily Levchenko and his wife Ekaterina (1893). Studied at the school of ballet of the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow (1900s). Married Russian racing car driver Vladimir Kholodny (1910). Gave birth to a daughter called Yevgenia (1912) and adopted a girl called Nonna (1913). Worked in the film industry, playing beautiful, unhappy, cheated or misunderstood women in salon dramas and melodramas (1914–19). Signed a contract with Dmitry Kharitonov’s film studios (1916) and moved to Odessa with the other members of the company (1918). Died of the Spanish flu and buried at the First Christian Cemetery in Odessa (1919).

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