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Alexander Griboyedov

Born: 1790, Moscow
Died: 1829, Tehran

Poet, musician, playwright. Born in Moscow (1790) in the family of retired second major Sergei Griboyedov (1761–1814) and Anastasia Griboyedova (1768–1839). Studied at Moscow University (1790s). Volunteered for service during the Patriotic War, but did not see military action (1812). Worked for the College of Foreign Affairs (1817). Secretary of the Russian mission in Tehran (1818). Served in the Caucasus (1824). Wrote the comedy Woe from Wit (1824). Returned to St Petersburg (1824). Arrested for complicity in the Decembrist Revolt (1826). Sentenced to four months in the General Headquarters watchhouse. Served in the Caucasus. Returned to St Petersburg (1828). Awarded the Order of St Anne, rank of state councillor and the post of minister extraordinaire and head of the Russian diplomatic mission in Tehran (1828). Murdered when a mob attacked the Russian embassy in Tehran and buried at the Mtatsminda Pantheon of Writers and Public Figures in Tiflis (1829).

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