Ivan Krylov

Born: 1769, Moscow
Died: 1844, St Petersburg

Fabulist, playwright, journalist. Born in Moscow (1769) in the family of Andrei Krylov (1736–1778). Educated at home. Moved to St Petersburg (1782). Founded the Krylov and Comrades publishing house. Lived in a mansion owned by Ivan Betskoi at 2 Palace Embankment near the Summer Garden. Provoked the wrath of the Russian government with his satirical compositions. Abandoned publishing and left St Petersburg after a private audience with Catherine the Great (1793). Achieved literary fame (1790s). Abandoned professional writing for a decade. Returned to St Petersburg (1806). Wrote comedies and fables. Elected to the Russian Academy (1811). Awarded the Order of St Vladimir (1820), Order of St Stanislaus (1838) and the rank of state councillor (1830). Librarian of the Imperial Public Library (from 1816). Member of various literary societies and hero of numerous jokes about his laziness, gluttony and slovenliness. Died of double pneumonia in St Petersburg and buried at the St Alexander Nevsky Monastery (1844).

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