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Mikhail Lomonosov

Born: 1711, Denisovka (Arkhangelsk Province)
Died: 1765, St Petersburg

Scholar, encyclopaedist, chemist, historian, poet, artist. Born in the village of Denisovka (now Lomonosovo) on an island in the Northern Dvina near Kholmogory (1711) in the family of ship-owner Vasily Lomonosov (1681–1741) and deacon’s daughter Elena Sivkova (1690–1719/20). Studied at the Slavonic, Greek and Latin Academy in Moscow (from 1731) and the St Petersburg University of the Imperial Academy of Sciences (from 1736). Moved to Germany to study the natural sciences (1736). Employed by the Imperial Academy of Sciences (1742). First Russian academician of chemistry (1745). Founded Moscow University (1755). Wrote works on Russian history, reformed the Russian language and laid the basis of modern Russian literature. Wrote the first Russian reference books on grammar, philology and rhetorics and revived the art of smalt mosaics. Elected to the Imperial Academy of Arts (1763). Died of pneumonia in St Petersburg and buried at the St Alexander Nevsky Monastery (1765).

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