Russia Cinema The Magic Weaver (1959)

The Magic Weaver (1959)


Gorky Film Studios, 1959

Director: Alexander Rou (Rowe)

Screenplay: Yevgeny Schwartz

Cinematography: Dmitry Surensky

Designer: Yevgeny Galei

Composer: Andrei Volkonsky

Cast: Mikhail Kuznetsov, Elena Myshkova, Victor Perevalov, Olga Khachapuridze, Anatoly Kubatsky, Georgy Millyar, Vera Altaiskaya, Sergei Troitsky, Alexander Khvylya, Nikita Kondratiev

A magical fantasy by Alexander Rou, based on traditional Russian fairytales.

A retired soldier is returning home. He passes through an enchanted forest, where he encounters Ivanushka, whose mother has been kidnapped and taken to a magical underwater kingdom.

The hero of the tale is an old soldier. As in all fairytales, he is cheerful, fearless and resourceful. On his way back to his native parts, he frees a bear from a trap in an enchanted forest. He then descends to the bottom of a lake to help Ivanushka find his mother, Marya the Magic Weaver, who is being held captive by Chudo-Yudo. Thanks to his honesty, kindness and spirit, which always comes to the aid of the Russian soldier in any situation, the old warrior manages to rescue Marya. Once back home, the Water Wizard attempts to kidnap her son, Ivanushka. The magic spell leaves Marya and the soldier defeats the Water Wizard. The forces of evil vanish, peace and happiness are restored, and everyone lives happily ever after…

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