Russia Cinema Turbine No. 3 (1927)

Turbine No. 3 (1927)

Directed by Semyon Timoshenko; script by Adrian Piotrovsky and Nikolai Erdman; camera by Svyatoslav Belyaev and Andrei Moskvin; movie poster by Vladimir Stenberg and Georgy Stenberg.

Described as a “drama in six parts,” this film was inspired by Fyodor Gladkov’s Socialist Realist novel Cement. The heroic efforts of Soviet builders save an uncompleted hydroelectric station from a glacier. A new danger arises when a hospitalised engineer closely studies the blueprints for the hydroelectric station and discovers a fault in the third tribune. Overcoming his illness, he rises from his sick bed and prevents a terrible catastrophe.

The film was shot on location at the Volkhov Hydroelectric Station by Semyon Timoshenko (1895–1958), who directed his first works at the Leningrad film studios.

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