Russia History Romanov Nicholas and Alexandra Tercentenary of the House of Romanov (1913)

Tercentenary of the House of Romanov (1913)

The celebrations marking the tercentenary of the Romanov dynasty began on the morning of 21 February 1913 with an artillery salute of thirty-one rounds from the Peter and Paul Fortress. The Patriarch of Antioch performed a special mass at the Kazan Cathedral. Nevsky Prospekt was lined with troops and crowds of people eager to catch a glimpse of the imperial family.

At midday, the Romanovs emerged from Palace Square in open carriages. Tsar Nicholas II and Tsarevich Alexis were in the first carriage, drawn by a pair of horses. The second conveyed the two empresses – Alexandra Fyodorovna and Maria Fyodorovna – followed by the tsar’s four daughters in a third carriage. The tsarevich was carried by a Cossack, his face contorted with pain. Alexandra Fyodorovna had a cold and distracted air.

The next day, a gala performance of Mikhail Glinka’s opera A Life for the Tsar was given at the Mariinsky Theatre in the presence of the imperial family, followed by a ball at the Noblemen’s Assembly on 23 February.

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