Russia History Romanov Rebellion November Uprising (1830)

November Uprising (1830)

On the night of 17/18 November 1830, a group of Polish cadets revolted and captured the city of Warsaw. On 13 January 1831, the Polish parliament passed an act deposing Nicholas I as king of Poland.

The tsar was greatly angered by the uprising, because the Poles had been granted more freedom than his other subjects, although the ultimate cause of the revolt was Russian violations of the Polish constitution of 1815. Nicholas assembled a punitive Russian force, headed by Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich, which invaded Poland on 5 February 1831.

The Poles were crushed in a series of bloody battles at Olszynka Grochowska and Ostroleka. Warsaw fell on 8 September 1831, effectively ending the November Uprising. Many Poles fled to the West, while the captured rebels were either executed or sent to Siberia.

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